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Satinder Dhillon

Mr. Satinder Singh Dhillon is the true embodiment of a Modern Day Revolutionary, having fought one of the most historic freedom of speech trials in the history of Canada. This is truly a David versus Goliath story for modern times and Mr. Dhillon has stood tall and battled for Truth and Justice in this country.

Even though he was under tremendous pressure by the Government and multi-national corporations who were trying to break him, and his life was threatened, he fought back and refused to succumb to the pressure that was put upon him. Even prison did not break his spirit. While in prison he fasted for an entire week, did not eat anything to prove his point and stood up for what is right.

He is a successful Businessman, Social Activist, Freedom of Speech advocate and the author of a forthcoming book and he also currently writes for the Huffington Post. Coming from very humble beginnings, Mr. Dhillon achieved a tremendous amount of success at a very early age..…..only to have corrupt multi-national corporations and the government in Canada try and take him down.

While being interrogated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, he was told to not be like Malcolm X and Gandhi. Despite being told that he had a target on his back by a major multi-national corporation and that they were out to silence him, Mr. Dhillon risked his life, and fought for the rights of all Canadians to be able to express themselves freely and enable them to use the truth in their defence in Canadian courts. To this day he continues to the battle against corruption and injustice.

Due to everything he and his team have endured and learned in the past 15 years, he has founded a national anti-corruption movement, in an effort to improve the lives of all Canadians. A documentary and full length feature film are being made about Mr. Dhillon’s life.

Mr . Dhillon has vowed to fight against injustice for as long as he lives and has been praised by many in the world, including some of his oppressors. In fact, while in court, despite not being a trained lawyer, one of the judges he has presented arguments before, said that he was “better than most lawyers”…….and another judge said that “he has a well developed sense of strategy”.

When we asked him what motivates him to continue battling despite all of the tremendous hardships he has faced, which included almost dying, Mr. Dhillon said that being a proud Sikh, it is in his blood to fight against injustice, and that his sacrifices pale in comparison to those that have come and laid down the foundation before him. He considers them to be the true heroes, as they have allowed people such as himself to fight these modern day battles in first world countries like Canada. 

From Facebook November/2015:

It was an honour this past Sunday to attend the Times of Canada Excellence Awards and receive their award for Emerging Leader. Thank you to the Times of Canada for being brave enough to cover the story, before I went to prison and to continue to report on it after I came out of jail. Thank you to everyone on Facebook that has continued to follow the story and to all of those that took the time to come to court and watched it live last year.

It has been a long hard road back from everything that has happened in the past 16 years and before that even, after my father passed away and two of my close friends, all within 8 months of each other. In the summer last year I was in the hospital for 3 days, right before the trial began, after the ambulance came and got me from my house and the doctors and nurses told me that I came within a few hours of dying.........literally.

Every day is in the plus now, that is for sure. I never imagined when I was growing up that I would be able to survive through everything I have in this life so far and be able to continue to battle through and see the light of day. In my heart. along the way, all I had promised to myself is that despite all of the unfair and excruciating situations I had to go through, that I would make it out or die trying. And I promised everyone that I would never quit, no matter what.

Many individuals, institutions, and even the government had their reasons for trying to muzzle, intimidate, crush, and silence me and my team. To them I say thank you as well, because I would not be battle-tested and the person I am today, unless I had faced all of what they put me through. In the end everyone is your teacher. And sometimes the student doesn't know what he or she is capable of until they are put to the test. Adversity is truly one of the best teachers, that is for sure.

Above all else, I would like to thank God for letting me live through it all and my family and friends for their continued support through the roughest of times. It may have been me standing up there receiving the award but this was truly a collective effort and our VOICE has now been HEARD! And to all of those that have been closely involved (you know who you are). WE DID IT!

Maybe next time the regime and the oppressors will think twice before they try and crush innocent citizens in a supposedly free, fair and democratic society.

With that said, this new change in government, and all that has been done so far, it does look promising that Canada is indeed BACK! And so are WE!!! Together we can learn from what has happened and build on it for a better future for all Canadians and citizens around the world.

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